Why is COVID-19 so deadly in Italy?

Updated on : January 21, 2022 by Graeme Levy

Why is COVID-19 so deadly in Italy?

Hit in a confined area. Where they received three to four flights a week from Wuhan.

I understand that it is one of the most polluted areas in Italy.

He attacked the elderly. Nobody expected it. No plans had been made. But no one knew how bad this could get except the Chinese government, and they certainly allowed it to happen.

Perfect storm, except the Chinese government is guilty.

If you look at the population of a country relative to the average age, Italy is among the oldest population in the world. As they age, their health begins to fail, along with a lowered immune system, making them more susceptible to disease, and in their cultural society there are strong family ties that unite many family members and live together. .

Generations coexist in northern Italy. The children took it home and scattered it throughout the house. Entire generations have been annihilated ... Add that football matches did not close, especially those of the euro (these spread to the rest of Europe in the euro).

It's half deadly then in New Jersey and New York combined ... 30 million people, .40000 deaths as of today, May 27. Keep increasing rapidly.

We are 65 million ... and we have 32k today. And the death rate is decreasing day by day

Things are not what they seem.

Italian leader criticizes 'false COVID-19 numbers: 25,000 did not die, it is a way to impose a dictatorship'

The survey work, surprisingly, shows that many people in Italy had low levels of vitamin D that correlate with severe COVID-19.

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