Who enjoys the highest salary in a government job in India?

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Who enjoys the highest salary in a government job in India?

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The president of India receives the highest salary. However, this is a constitutional charge.

Among government employees, the cabinet secretary, the prime minister's chief secretary and the chief of the Defense Staff receive the maximum salary. The basic salary of these officials is Rs. 2.5 lakh per month. These positions are the highest positions that a government / military official can achieve.

I think it must be the government engineering university professors who have the highest salary in all government jobs.The salary of an experienced associate professor in a government institution is between 3,00,000 and 4,00,000.

Telling it from personal experience, my father is an associate professor at a government engineering college.

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I think he's a Railway Loco pilot.

As they receive the current assignment. At present, locomotive drivers, assistant locomotive drivers and guards, who assist in the movement of a train and are called `` circulating personnel '', receive a circulating allowance of around 255 rupees per 100 km , which is now being revised to roughly Rs. 520.

O Officials who are posted outside of India and receive payments in foreign currency or foreign assignments.


Ashok Patnaik enjoys the highest salary being the CEO of National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)

Salary = 10 Lakhs / month or 1 crore / year.

No government official can receive a more basic salary than the president than the governor. Next are the chief secretaries and many other equivalents to him. The gross salary of some officers, including the HRA and the convenience allowance, is more than that of the president, as he does not receive the HRA and transportation allowance because he is provided with housing and transportation.

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