What should I take, a job that I like more or a job that pays me more?

Updated on : January 17, 2022 by Zaid Rutledge

What should I take, a job that I like more or a job that pays me more?

Definitely a job you love the most. This will certainly make you happier than the "happiness" that you think will bring you more money.

If you love your job, you will probably perform much better and stand out from the crowd. This can lead to faster and better promotions, eventually (and most likely) to a point where you earn more AND enjoy your work.

Think of it this way. You have X amount of time on this planet. Success is not about wealth unless you want that as your legacy. If you want it to be more than that, follow your own compass. Why waste the best years of your life chasing something that goes in the opposite direction to your happiness and yours?

If you are talking about a career in IT, my suggestion would be that you choose based on your current financial status. If money is not that important to you and your family is well established, choose the job you love.

If money is important to you, choose the job that pays you the most. Save money to feel comfortable and financially reserved. Once you feel financially stable, switch your job to your loved one so that he or she has satisfaction in his life. Health!!!

Do What You Love also try to educate yourself more about assets so you can get out of a job if you want to. Doing what you love is great, but sometimes it doesn't pay well enough to depend on it to live comfortably.

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