What Caused Steve Job's Cancer? Why was it not diagnosed in time?

Updated on : January 17, 2022 by Javier Mejia

What Caused Steve Job's Cancer? Why was it not diagnosed in time?

Sir Steve Job's did not have the common form of pancreatic cancer called adenocarcinoma, but rather a rare islet cell carcinoma, so it was diagnosed late.

The type of cancer that Sir Job had was that of the hormone-producing cells of the pancreas, which has a life expectancy of 3 to 6 months on average. Steve Job has lived with this cancer for twenty years! It appears that he did not receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy at all.

Two years before succumbing to cancer, he had to undergo a liver transplant operation as he had a metastasis in the liver.

When your immune system is already compromised by progressive cancer, taking more immunosuppressive drugs does not make the prognosis very good.

If your immune system is not strong enough to attack cancer, it will eventually attack every cell in your system and that is what happened with Sir Steve Jobs.

This link, in my opinion, has the answer to all your cancer questions from Sir Steve Job. Steve Jobs: His Treatment Plan, Where Did It Go Wrong - DrAxe.com He even explains how he survived for 20 years with cancer. I have mentioned the essence of the link.

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