Is Learning Python Enough For A Mechanical Engineering Graduate To Get A Job?

Updated on : January 21, 2022 by Max Davis

Is Learning Python Enough For A Mechanical Engineering Graduate To Get A Job?

Hello curious apprentice ..!

It's great to hear being a mechanics graduate because of your interest in programming.

Master Python with extreme problem-solving skills + Take a once-look at Django and Jar (optional) + Learn a digital technology like AI and Machine Learning + Your personal skills are good enough to get laid.


Not just a student of mechanical background, every job applicant can follow the same to be recruited through Python.

Yes, you will get a job, but not in the mechanical field, you will get in the software field and this is a very good decision, you are learning to program to get a job, so learn Python with other coding things, it will definitely help you. If you are in your senior year and attending a placement session, then any language is perfect, it can be java, python, or c. Or you are passed out and looking for a job abroad, then only Python will not find you a job. You should receive training for software development or testing. Based on this, you can easily apply for the jobs.

Nothing is safe enough. If you want to make your career in software development, you must learn coding skills. But being a mechanical engineer, you wouldn't get enough exposure at these companies. You should try to balance your coding skills alongside basic technical skills in mechanics. Also, Python doesn't give you much of an advantage when trying to get into the middle sector. Rather, spend your time learning ANSYS, CATIA, ADAMS, MATLAB.

Basically the choice is yours

Develop as many soft skills as possible. CC +
CADCAM python etc will help you get a job. But your basic mechanical engineering should be solid with good scores, preferably from a good university / institution.

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