Am I the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Updated on : January 17, 2022 by Zak Holland

Am I the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Neither of them played at being a great man. Be the man trying to achieve something - history will judge you fairly. Remember that these two men also had a stroke of luck in your life. Therefore, you should consider the following things:

  • Natural talent
  • Charisma (if you can convince trained people to work for you in the beginning, you will get a head start)
  • Luck (self explanatory)
  • Vision (Look at how Steve Jobs envisioned his products - he certainly had this talent. Also, look at how he changed the Mac lineup and turned Apple from bankrupt company to most valuable)

Technically not, but if you want to be called Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, you can legally change your name. Then you would.

The other way is to be called by the world which is impossible. Because you seem mean !!!! If I'm wrong, you wouldn't have asked this question.
You can copy a product but you cannot copy a Genius.
Be like you!. Mr anon

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